Welcome To “ Rajdhani Marbles “

Initially it wasvery tough job at hand to establish one self in such a saturated and perfect competitive market. This was overcome by good negotiating powers and bulk purchasing capacity, which was acquired in future. This lead to the owning of larger margins on the basis of which Rajdhani marbles was able to give better prices.

The journey continued with a steady and rising growth. The second thing, which boosted the goodwill and growth of Rajdhani Marbles, was bringing a variety and vast range of products from different companies like Kajaria, Jaguar, Somany, A.G.L., Hindware, etc. Continuous meeting of the sales targets and making new records was able to entitle us with various entitlements, rewards, trophies and honors.

The third thing that contributing to ourdevelopment was establishing the U.P.s largest inventory storage facility for marble, tiles and other related products.This contributed hugely in getting more margins and negotiating powers by providing huge storage for bulk purchases.